Angular Contact Ball Bearings / Spindle Bearings

Alongside radial forces, single row angled contact ball bearings can also withstand axial forces in one direction. Unlike the separable bearings, the angled contact ball bearings cannot be separated. The loads are transferred from one ring to another at an angle – the pressure angle – measured to the radial plane. Angled contact ball bearings are manufactured with various pressure angles. When the pressure angle increases, the ability of the bearing to withstand axial forces also increases.

With regards to single row angled contact ball bearings, a force occurs in an axial direction – even when dealing with a radial load. This is caused by the pressure angle and must be compensated for by means of an appropriate counter-force. Therefore, a second bearing must be used for counter-stay purposes. The other alternative is to use double row angled contact ball bearings. With regards to composition and function, these correspond to a pair of single row angled contact ball bearings in an O-arrangement.

Available designs:

  • Single or double row

  • Open or sealed

  • Various pressure angles possible

  • Various bearing arrangements possible (X/O/Tandem arrangement, etc.)

  • Metric or imperial

  • Various cage designs available

  • Double row, with/without filling groove

  • Spindle bearing / high-precision bearing for revolutions of up to 250,000 rpm

  • Hybrid bearing (with ceramic ball bearings)

Areas of application:
Angular contact ball bearings are used to support ball screws, drilling machines or in the form of wheel bearings in the automotive industry for example. Grinding spindles are also supported with high precision angular contact ball bearings.


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