Freewheel clutches

Freewheel clutches

Our product range in the freewheel clutch sector consists of clamping freewheel clutches, clamping body freewheel clutches and ball bearing freewheel clutches. Freewheel clutches are direction couplers that transfer torque in one direction by means of traction and permit idle running in the opposite direction.

Our main product range consists of the products from the following manufacturers:

  • GMN

Further product range:

  • Tsubaki

  • Stieber

  • Borg Warner

  • Ringspann

Designs that can be supplied:

  • Clamping body freewheel clutching with and without bearings, sealed / non-sealed

  • Freewheel clutches in ball bearing dimensions, sealed / non-sealed

  • Slip locks with momentum lever

  • Freewheel clutches with interference fitting in the outer ring and interference fitting or keyway in the inner ring

  • Non-supported installation elements

  • Special freewheel clutches or complete solutions in accordance with customer specification

Examples of application:

  • As switching elements in order to convert an oscillating movement in to a rotary movement

  • As a slip lock in order to prevent reverse movement due to the load when in a non-motorised condition

  • As a overtaking coupling in order to allow the drive to continue to run when the drive lags behind or in order to allow the first drive to overtake when the second drive is turned on.

Areas of application:

  • Printing machines (ductor drive)

  • Copiers (paper feed)

  • Conveying systems (slip lock, overtaking clutch)

  • Sowing machines (drive)

  • Transport systems (revolution compensation)

  • Mixers (safety clutch)

  • High-voltage switchgear (raising equipment)

  • Textile machines (switch element)

  • Packaging machines (overtaking clutch)

  • Diesel motors (thrower crank)

  • Paper processing (feeder)

  • Winches (slip lock)

  • Furniture industry

  • Model-making

  • Turnstiles and rotary doors (slip lock)

  • Starter combustion motors (switching element)

  • Selectable four-wheel drive (switching element)

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