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To cut a long story short, monocarriers are a combination of a re-circulating ball guide and a ball screw. The monocarrier consists of a stable cold-drawn base carrier that carries the hardened tracks for the carriages.
With regards to the ball-guided carriages of the monocarrier, the nut belonging to the ball screw that serves to move and set the carriage, is integrated. This means that a monocarrier is a positioning unit that is supported and can be driven.

Available designs:

  • Various strokes and inclines

  • Including cover plates

  • Various precision classes

  • Available inclusive of the motor adapter in accordance with customer specification

  • Low-maintenance design with K1 lubrication system

  • Special greasing possible

  • End switches can be supplied

Areas of application:
As is the case with screw drives, monocarriers are used in CNC machines, wood processing machines, drilling machines, special machines, grinding machines, eroding machines, printing machines and measurement systems.

Linear Components

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