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Ball bearing bushes are rolling bearings for longitudinal movements (linear bearings) that run on hardened and grinded shafts. Whilst the longitudinal movement is taking place, the ball bearings are moved back into the load zone in constant circuits via sealed orbits.

The advantage of these products can be seen by the fact that they have low friction and low breakaway force properties. Depending upon the application, the sliding bushes can be an alternative to the ball bearing bushes.

The shafts are hardened in an inductive manner and have been grinded. This prevents shrinkage.

Available designs:

  • Chrome steel or niro, hard chrome-plated design

  • Solid / hollow shafts

  • Shafts with support or shaft bracket (traverse)

  • Processing of the shaft ends in accordance with customer specification

  • Ball bearing bush with casing, flange or in tandem design

  • Steel or plastic cage

  • Heavy load ball bearing bushes

  • Torque shafts and torque-ball bearing bushes

  • Sliding bushes (linear plain bearing)

  • Length in accordance with customer specification (up to 6m shaft length)

  • Rotary ball bearing bushes

  • Compact ball bearing bushes

Areas of application:
Shaft bushes and ball bearing bushes can be used in almost all sectors. For example, these products are used in column frames in pressing / punching / deburring machines, but are also used as simple guides in special machines and handling units.

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